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For physicians trying to communicate to referral sources or go direct-to-consumer, MedIngenuity brings 30 years of expertise to understanding how best to reach these audiences with educational website design, email marketing, educational print communications, journals, magazines, print ad campaigns, direct-mail campaigns, radio advertising, and many other creative communication channels.

Print Design

Professionally crafted and educational.

Referral Development

Create a steady patient stream by building referrals.

Digital Marketing

From Facebook advertising to email marketing, we do it all.


Drive new patient appointments with direct-to-consumer promotion.

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Explore a collection of our recent healthcare marketing campaigns and advertisements.

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Digital Marketing

MedIngenuity enables physicians to go direct-to-consumer through digital marketing channels like Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Business Listings, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Our digital advertising strategies focus on more than just clicks — our campaigns drive real new patient appointment requests through your website.

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Referral Development

Referral development is an important part of practice development. Patients who do not refer themselves directly to your center will rely on the recommendation of their primary care physician or family doctor when they need treatment. MedIngenuity markets directly to potential referral sources in your area to help you build a steady patient referral stream and long lasting business relationships.

Healthcare Print Design

MedIngenuity develops printed marketing materials for physicians that can be used for patient education, promotion, and referral development. This includes anything from multi-page booklets, flyers, mini-brochures, tri-fold brochures, pocket folders and more.

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ASCs Inc Convention Banners

Medingenuity itself was created more than 10 years ago by Prizm Development, Inc., which is the most experienced developer of spine Centers of Excellence. For over 30 years, Prizm has worked in 48 of the 50 states — from Alaska to Florida and California to Maine — helping physician groups and hospitals improve the way they care for back and neck pain, orthopedics and pain management. Many of these businesses started with a single surgeon and have grown to 300-employee companies with multiple locations. Prizm has been cited as a trend leader in the textbook, Redefining Healthcare, which examines those entities that are leading the evolution of healthcare in the United States. Click to to learn more about Prizm and its expertise in spine, orthopedics and pain management.

Medingenuity has worked with surgeons and ASCs and other healthcare businesses across national locations as well as Texas, including clients across the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and East Texas.

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