Decades of healthcare marketing experience

Our History

MedIngenuity is more than a healthcare advertising or marketing agency, but rather a business development company that specializes 100% in healthcare. We handle all stages of branding, design and communication from new company start ups to expanding the visibility of established practices and healthcare businesses.

For start ups, Medingenuity creates memorable names and then performs trademark research to prevent expensive name conflicts. The goal is to create a new corporate identity for healthcare businesseses and specialty practices that are memorable and cut through the clutter.

We handle every aspect of corporate identity development for healthcare, from logo development and wordmarks, letterhead, business cards, e-magazines, e-mail marketing, advertising, marketing plans, referral development and creating content rich websites that score in the top 10 on Google for organic search.


MedIngenuity has more than 10 years of experience in business development for healthcare. We create healthcare advertising plans, content-rich educational websites, and healthcare marketing strategies for clients all over the nation.

Medingenuity has intellectual property that includes extensive content on most specialties along with medical illustrations that enable a Medingenuity site to score in the top 10 on Google for organic search. This increases the visibility of the healthcare company on Google.

Referral development

Almost every marketing agency that claims to “know healthcare” has IN FACT a very limited understanding of how prospective patients navigate through the very complex healthcare channel. Unlike other consumer goods, the healthcare channel includes MANY players:
  • the patient (user of the service)
  • medical influencers (PCP referral source who diagnoses the problem)
  • provider of the service/surgery (doctor/surgeon/ASC/hospital)
  • payor (healthcare insurance company)
  • payor influencer (employer who selects and pays for healthcare insurance)
  • case manager (for work-related healthcare issues a case manager often selects the care giver)
When other marketing companies focus exclusively on direct-to-consumer digital marketing gimmicks and social media they fail to grasp the various detours that can prevent a person from self referring or navigating through the healthcare channel.
However, patients can only self diagnose certain issues (back pain, knee pain) and self refer to a surgeon. Most other issues rely on diagnosis by a PCP, OB/Gyn or chiropractor who tries to exhaust non-surgical options. The other issue is that many patients rely on these gatekeepers to steer them away from low quality physicians. Medingenuity has 10 years of experience setting up referral source database systems and referral source communication methods that get your message past receptionist to reach the desks of these gatekeepers.
They also don’t understand that a key element of “marketing” is measuring and improving the “product” so angry consumers don’t post negative reviews on Google Reviews, which can damage the brand.
Medingenuity web sites, for example, feature patient surveys that channel complaints to the practice manager who can address problems before they turn into public pillory posts.
The other issue related to the healthcare channel is that health insurance and in-network/out-of-network issues steer patients to certain PCPs and surgeons.

The changing effectiveness of Facebook

The market reality now is that Facebook advertising is playing itself out because Apple’s personal privacy mandates has effectively killed off Facebook’s ability to target healthcare consumers by past searches about known healthcare ailments. Consequently it’s important to understand that the only targeting really left to Facebook is by geographic location rather than interests, ailments or past searches.
That is why people are noticing their news feed is now cluttered with ads being shoved in by Facebook that have nothing to do with their interests. Facebook is making money simply by stuffing ads into everyone’s news feed. The result: Facebook users are turning off to the platform because of all the ad clutter, spending less and less time scrolling through ad spam.

Medingenuity = >10 years of healthcare experience

Unlike other digital marketing entities that have at best someone with a college degree in liberal arts or communicaitons, Medingenuity includes the expertise of three MBAs specialized in healthcare and quality management.
We’ve observed that other agencies are relatively new to healthcare merely experiment with the client’s budget. They often recommend spending on various digital gimmicks to find one that works. Their clients are typically NOT start-up businesses but rather physician practices that are already running and want to find ways to increase patient flow. Unfortunately many fall victim to the fashionable tech buzzwords like Facebook, Google ads, etc. — all of which require the client’s money to feed Facebook and Google.
Medingenuity conversely has built practices and businesses from the ground up. This includes start ups for surgeon practices, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, medical consultants, lab companies, etc. The steps involved to building a healthcare business from the ground up is far more complicated than simply suggesting a promotion budget for a client.

Award-winning healthcare experience

Medingenuity staff has won dozens of healthcare marketing awards from various national and international societies, including:

6 INTERNATIONAL GOLD QUILL AWARDS from the International Association of Business Communicators.

For more than 40 years, IABC’s Gold Quill Awards have recognized and awarded excellence in strategic communication worldwide. Gold Quill is the only awards program that honors communicators on a global scale. All IABC Gold Quill Award entries are evaluated by international professional communicators with more than 10 years of experience. The majority of evaluators have earned Gold Quill Awards.

10 TOUCHSTONE AWARDS from the American Hospital Association Society for Healthcare Marketing.


The Touchstone Awards recognize the outstanding work taking place across America’s hospitals and health systems, as well as the women and men helping to lead the field to new heights.

Physician practices, ASCs & healthcare companies we’ve helped.