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MedIngenuity is more than a healthcare advertising agency, but rather a business development healthcare company. We handle all stages of branding, design and communication from new company start ups to expanding the visibility of established practices and healthcare businesses.

For start ups, Medingenuity names and trademarks research to prevent expensive name conflicts. We then develop new names for healthcare businesses that are memorable and cut through the clutter. We handle every aspect of corporate identity for healthcare, from logos and wordmarks, to letterhead, business cards, e-magazine, e-mail marketing and creating content rich websites that score in the top 10 on Google for organic search.

MedIngenuity has vast experience in business development for healthcare creating healthcare advertising plans, websites, along with healthcare marketing strategies for clients all over the nation to increase their visibility on Google.

Medingenuity was created by Prizm Development, Inc., the most experienced developer of spine Centers of Excellence. For 20 years, Prizm has worked in 48 of the 50 states helping physician groups and hospitals improve the way they care for back and neck pain with a non-surgical emphasis. Click here to learn more.

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MedIngenuity is happy to have client relationships lasting more than a decade.

When I relocated from a busy surgical oncology practice in Tennessee so I could finish my career enjoying the beauty of Alaska, I relied on Bob Reznik and the Medingenuity team to help me start a new practice from scratch. They created the new practice identity: Alaska Surgical Oncology, then they developed an educational Internet site that communicated our capabilities in breast preservation surgery, skin cancer, and other cancer treatment. They started a referral development program that increased our visibility to primary care physicians, dermatologists and oncologists across the State of Alaska, along with educational ads in Alaska Magazine that emphasized early detection of breast cancer and skin cancers. They developed an educational Healthquest Guidebook on cancer screenings and other practice brochures that established us as the statewide regional resource for surgical oncology. It all worked. I’m pleased that I now have a very busy practice in a new beautiful location. And we continue to grow. This year, another general surgeon joins us as we expand.

Charles Portera, MD, Alaska Surgical Oncology

We have worked with the Medingenuity team since 2013 and they continue to be a valuable marketing resource and advisor for our growing company that specializes in helping ASC physician-owners maximize the value of their surgery centers. Medingenuity not only created and maintains our educational Internet site, but they also help us with ad campaigns and our work with physician seminars. Andrew Reznik, MBA at Medingenuity advises us on new ways to reach physician clients, and develops marketing communications that showcase how we can help physicians maximize the value of their ASC, especially as they transfer ownership through a sell to a synergistic partner and other creative leaseback relationships.

Jon Vick, ASCs Inc.

I’ve known Bob Reznik and the Medingenuity team for over 15 years, first learning of them when we became neighbors in the same building at Southlake Town Square. Over the years, I used the healthcare marketing company for the successful start up of several medical companies. They helped with naming, corporate identity, brochures, logo development and the creation of web sites that explained our capabilities to prospective customers. More recently, Medingenuity helped with the creation of our current company Promus Diagnostics. Medingenuity is now heavily involved in the rollout and launch of Promus Diagnostics, an innovative clinical and diagnostic lab company that uses state-of-the-art technology which provides cutting edge testing for early detection of bladder cancer, urinary tract infection, health and wellness, and medication management. Medingenuity is now developing the informative Internet presence to communicate this new capability to prospective clients.

Ty Bruggermann, Promus Diagnostics
I’ve worked with Bob Reznik and the Medingenuity team dating back more than 20 years when I launched an innovative concept called The Male Health Center in Dallas, the first such center in the nation. Bob helped us launch the center with an eye-catching corporate identity, an Internet site that attracted high search engine rankings and heavy traffic, and an educational advertising campaign that addressed male specific health issues that were long-ignored by the medical community, including prostate cancer detection and treatment options; testicular cancer screening; and erectile dysfunction and related treatment options. Later on, Bob helped us create proposals on the Male Health Center to health systems around the nation who wanted to benefit from our head start in the area of male health. Over the years, Bob has been a trusted resource in my practice development, and our relationship has evolved to one of friendship as well.
Kenneth Goldberg, MD, Board-certified Urological Surgeon

We have worked with Medingenuity since 2011 and is a trusted resource. Medingenuity helped us develop a highly educational web site that explained our capabilities in the specialty of Ear, Nose and Throat. Medingenuity developed the necessary educational content that helps patients understand what can be causing various symptoms, and when it’s important to go to an ENT specialist for treatment before more serious and permanent problems emerge.

Morris Gottlieb, MD, North Dallas Ear Nose and Throat

Everyone wants to be on the first page. Some may search two pages, a few three. After that, if they haven’t found you, you are out of the race. We seem to maintain a first page position. For the heck of it, I googled several typical search headings today to see where our site comes up and here is what I found:

“Physician Practice Management – DFW” – Page 1, fifth, sixth and seventh positions; “Physician Practice Management – North Texas” – Page 1, fifth and sixth positions; “Physician practice Management – Texas” – Page 1, fourth and fifth positions; “Physician Practice Marketing” – Page 1 Position 1; “New Physician Practice Startup” – Page 1, Position 2.

One of the reasons we chose the Medingenuity organization to do our work is that they are the best at what they do. I’ve never been disappointed with their work.

David Loomis, The Health Group

We relied on Medingenuity to develop and maintain two educational Internet sites, one for our physician group and the other for our radiation center that treats prostate cancer patients. The two sites not only are ranked in the top 10 on Google for the key words we are targeting, but the two sites have played a key role in establishing Urology Specialists of West Florida as the regional referral point for all urological problems around St. Petersburg and the west coast of Florida.

Annmarie Attaway, Urology Specialists of West Florida

In working with Bob Reznik and his team at Medingenuity for several years, I highly recommend Medingenuity as your medical website provider. They produced a stellar website targeted to my needs with excellent results both for ranking and success of patients making appointments. We were able to work together on the content just as effectively as if we were local, with the added benefits of a first-class website platform and their specialization in medical websites.

Tom McGunigal, MD, Hand Surgeon

As a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon based in the North Fort Worth area, I’ve known Bob Reznik for more than 17 years, as Prizm Development provided all the healthcare marketing and referral development related to my niche orthopedic practice — Varsity Orthopedics — which was focused in the specialty of pediatric orthopedics. In 2015, I realized I wanted to launch a new medical business focused on age management. While I acquired the necessary professional certifications in the new medical specialty of age management and bio-identical hormone replacement, the Medingenuity team helped me create the new brand name and acquire a federal trademark for name protection. Medingenuity then set up a complete marketing plan, along with all the marketing communications. This included a content-rich, educational web site at and a strategy related to social media and Facebook. I’ve enjoyed working with the team at Medingenuity and they have been extremely responsive as I’ve launched this new medical business.

Dr. Christine Ott, Varsity Orthopedics


Medingenuity specializes in Business Development for Healthcare. Unlike ad agencies that pursue physician groups, ASCs and hospitals as a new revenue source for their agency, Medingenuity includes the expertise of three MBAs that are specialized in the niche of healthcare.

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