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    Experience Matters

    Medingenuity specializes only in Business Development of Healthcare

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    Web Design

    First Impressions are key. Position yourself as an expert with a professional website.

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    Educational Content

    We position our clients as experts in their field by designing content rich websites filled with our proprietary educational content.

Business Development for Healthcare

MedIngenuity, LLC — based in the affluent Southlake / Keller suburb of Dallas Fort Worth — specializes in Business Development for Healthcare. For physicians, Medingenuity features more than 30 years of expertise in specialty center development, having helped small physician groups grow into large regional referral centers that attract patients from more than 150 miles away. We have educational ad campaigns and practice brochures that enable the specialist to communicate direct-to-consumer to bypass captive PCP referral networks. In addition we have intellectual property specialized in the healthcare industry that enables our web sites to score in the top 10 on search engines, and database systems that increase referrals from primary care physicians, health insurance companies and others in the referral channel.

For hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Medingenuity can help develop service lines that improve the strategic position and market share related to orthopedics, sports medicine, urology, pain management, age management, regenerative medicine and other specialties.

For medical businesses, our marketing firm handles all stages of healthcare marketing from new company start up including: corporate identity, naming, logos & wordmarks, marketing plans, web site development, social media marketing and reputation management.

On the web, MedIngenuity has helped specialty physician groups, ASCs and healthcare consultants from all over the nation increase their visibility on the Internet to their target audiences. We have rich educational content in the specialities of orthopedics, urology, pain management, oncology, age management, regenerative medicine and a variety of surgical specialties that enable a medical practice to be ranked in the top 10 on search engines like Google and Bing.

Specific to the future of physician practices, we understand MACRA and how to help your practice submit the necessary data to CMS to avoid year-end charge backs. We also have 20 years of experience in developing bundled rates for surgeries and episodes of care and presenting them with proposals to health insurance companies. These global case rates can in turn be presented direct-to-consumer for those with high deductibles.

Medingenuity is a family-owned business that includes the expertise of two MBAs specialized in healthcare, and a third senior-level MBA advisor who is a national speaker on Center of Excellence development. Unlike general advertising agencies, we understand the medical market and how to reach audiences with educational Internet sites; referral development systems; Facebook ad campaigns; public relations; social media marketing; educational patient brochures; reputation management services; and many other communication tools specific to the healthcare niche.

Client Testimonials

Everyone wants to be on the first page. Some may search two pages, a few three. After that, if they haven’t found you, you are out of the race. We seem to maintain a first page position. One of the reasons we chose the Medingenuity organization to do our work is that they are the best at what they do. I’ve never been disappointed with their work.

David Loomis
CEO of The Health Group

Website Design and Content Development

Website & Content Development

MedIngenuity has developed an array of web sites to match any budget. We have educational content across many specialties like orthopedics, urology, pain management, age management and other capabilities that we provide as part of our intellectual property package.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Appearing on the first few pages of search engine results, like Google and Yahoo, is critcal to the success of any healthcare business. We have the expertise and proven methods in search engine optimization for healthcare Internet sites to get a site in the top 10 for target key word queries.

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Brand and Corporate Identity development

Strategy & Brand Development

Medingenuity is an MBA-directed healthcare marketing company that helps medical businesses with from inception: including strategy; naming and branding; corporate identity; business plans & marketing plans; referral development and direct-to-consumer advertising — all specific to the healthcare niche.

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